Going Global With Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Tips for Success

Group of Diverse Flag Painted Hands Raised

The future of business depends on new markets. In fact, 87% of businesses believe that international expansion is necessary for long-term growth. To target these international markets successfully, a business’s digital marketing strategy must go global.

If you’re planning on taking your business abroad or wish to start offering your products or services in more countries, follow these helpful tips.

Tip #1: Work Hard to Understand Your Target Market

A whopping 70% of international ventures fail because of cultural differences. This means that what works for your current market probably won’t work for the international market. Each individual market will have its own specific characteristics, language, purchasing habits and more.

Before you attempt to go global, you must work hard to understand your target market for the best return on your investment. This means:

  • Conducting in-depth market research to better understand who you’re targeting and what they expect from your online presence
  • Understanding the cultural values of your target audience
  • Following the specific international marketing and advertising regulations

Tip #2: Approach SEO With True International Connection in Mind

When you first created a digital marketing strategy for your current customer base, it required dedication to get it right. Your international customers deserve and require the same to make a true connection. You can’t conquer the world in one swoop. Instead, focus on one language or location at a time.

For example, Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, which makes it a great place to start. To be successful, you’ll need to create a localized website in Spanish, focusing on Spanish keywords and paying close attention to linguistic nuances.

As time marches on, you’ll be able to see areas that need improvement using data analytics. After you see success, move on to other languages based on your goals.

Tip #3: Customize PPC Campaigns to Overcome Language & Culture Differences

Using localized PPC campaigns on an international scale is a great way to grow your brand abroad. For success, you’ll need to overcome language barriers and understand the cultural differences in the market you’re targeting.

  • Focus on keywords based on the market’s search pattern. Using your current keywords translated to another language may not be the best method for success. Also, take the time to notice how keywords change based on location.
  • Choose PPC language and branding that matches cultural values. In 2004, China banned a Nike commercial due to showing LeBron James battling an animated Kung Fu master and two dragons. It’s important to stay true to a country’s cultural values when creating your PPC campaigns.

Other cultural considerations include tailoring your PPC ad campaign to the device most used in a specific location and understanding what time of day individuals abroad are most likely to convert.

Going Global With Your Marketing Strategy Takes Effort & Dedication

Going global with your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t happen overnight. After all, it takes time and dedication to get it right. To learn more about going global, send us a message.