Facebook Rolls Out Stories Archive

In May, Facebook introduced a new addition to the Stories capabilities in the form of an archive for past story posts. This week, Facebook is at it again, having rolled out the addition to even more users, pushing for company-wide adoption. For brands and businesses that use Facebook Stories, this could simplify marketing efforts.

All Stories content will be stored in your archive, which is not visible to other users, for longer than the initial 24-hour period. This makes it simple to re-use Stories content by re-posting them to other platforms, including Instagram.

In the past, it was difficult for businesses to invest so much time into content that lasts such a short amount of time. The archive makes it easier for businesses to re-use their content while also being a reference tool for future content. Facebook is looking forward to adding more features to Stories, in a clear attempt to keep up with Facebook-owned Instagram.

Source: Social Media Today