Facebook Reports Out on Ad Watch Time Across Various Formats

Facebook published a blog post this week illustrating ad watch time and how that time varies based on the ad’s environment:

  • In-stream video ads, called “non-skippables” by Facebook, performed best—and out-perform live TV when it comes to keeping audience attention.
  • Facebook Stories and “skippable” in-stream ads received a high initial watch time, with time watched immediately dropping off almost immediately.
  • Feed ads fell somewhere in between these two categories, with a longer watch time at the outset and slowly dwindling off.

Facebook does caution against reading too heavily into these results. Says Mark Rabkin, Vice President of Ads & Business Platform,

When it comes to measuring ad effectiveness in this new mobile era, no two seconds are equal. Earning 10 seconds of watch time from millennials in Stories is harder than earning 10 seconds from an older audience in a non-skippable environment… And that’s the key point: there is no longer a singular video experience for advertisers. And major opportunities are there for those who embrace this new environment.

It is important to note that the numbers and statements made by Facebook are not exact. They do not provide exact numbers, such as actual seconds watched or total percentage of completion. Instead, the information published by Facebook indicates slight user preference ad value potential.

Source: Marketing Land