Facebook Publishes Tips for Effective Video Content

Video gets the most Facebook engagement out of any type of post, out preforming photos by nearly 75%. It generates better results in terms of engagement, interaction and overall response. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are trying to add video to their Facebook strategy. But it’s not always as simple as shooting a quick video on your phone. The best approach is always with a defined strategy, and lucky for us, Facebook just published a simple guide for doing just that.

Facebook uses the story of how one company gained more than 3.3 million Facebook followers using videos that they monetized with in-stream ads to provide tips for others when developing their own Facebook video strategy. The key elements to their success were consistency and quality. The videos all have a consistent color palette and presentation style which became associated with the brand. They also stuck to a predictable schedule, finding consistency and regular engagement vital to their success. You can read the rest of the tips from Facebook here at The Craft Behind This Creator’s DIY Appeal.

Sources: Facebook, Social Media Today, BuzzSumo