Facebook Now Testing “Premieres” Video Format

Facebook has announced that the new “Premieres” video format is being tested by creators and shows, anticipating a rollout soon. The format will allow Facebook users and advertisers to upload prerecorded video as live footage.

Like Facebook’s livestream, the new format will allow viewers to interact with the video as they watch. Comments and reactions will still happen in real time during the stream. Premieres will allow shows and video creators to post new videos much like movie trailers, collecting views in a new way.

Facebook anticipates that this change will increase opportunities for video creators to drive engagement with their audience. They also hope that the new format will bring forth more programming developed for Facebook Watch, the beta video hub launched last August.

Currently, the format is only available to a limited group who are testing its capabilities and functionality. Facebook states that they will be “rolling out more broadly” in the near future.

Sources: EnGadget, Marketing Land