Facebook Increases Transparency of its Audience Network

As of late, advertisers have been questioning advertising on Facebook due to its complete lack of transparency as to where those ads run. For instance, simply because you buy an ad on Facebook does not mean it will appear on Facebook. It could instead run on any one of its third-party sites.

Facebook is taking one step closer to full transparency with its latest announcement. Specifically, Facebook plans to begin sharing a list of where the ads may appear, including specific sites, apps, Instant Articles and Facebook videos. It is important to note that the list will not share where an advertiser’s ad actually appears.

Once an advertiser views the list, it can then decide which publishers it want to opt out of, if any at all. Facebook has not yet announced how many opt-outs will be available to advertisers, but did say this:

“It’s important for us to limit sales channel conflict for our publishers, and enabling this opt-out to become something more akin to an advertiser targeting particular publishers can create sales channel conflict problems for our publisher partners.”

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