Facebook Announces Improved Metrics for Advertisers

Facebook is slowly rolling out several new-and-improved metrics for advertisers, with an aim to provide more accurate, useful information. The new metrics include:

  • Landing page views: This metric will now let advertisers know how many people actually loaded the advertiser’s website or app—not just how many people clicked on the link in the ad.
  • New visitors: Soon, advertisers will get numbers tied to how many website visitors are new versus how many have visited the site or app.
  • Hovers: In the near future, Facebook will report how often users hover a Page’s name in search results, mentions or ads. Currently, Page owners can only view how many users have visited or liked their Page.

Page owners will also gain greater insight into their followers, including demographic data and information as to where each user “liked” the page.

For more details on these metric and measurement rollouts, view the original article on MarketingLand.