Episerver Publishes Insights Into Why Consumers Don’t Buy Online

In late 2017, Episever conducted a survey of more than 4,000 online shoppers. That survey looked into various aspects of the online shopping experience, finding that:

Brands willing to invest in all aspects of the online shopping experience set themselves up for long-term success, while those that focus too heavily on transactions are not accounting for shoppers’ diverse expectations and needs when shopping online.

Of the many insights provided by Episerver’s report, the following statistics on why consumers do not purchase after looking at products online are important for all ecommerce companies to know:

  • 60% of consumers felt shipping was too expensive
  • 54% of online shoppers couldn’t find what they were looking for
  • 46% had price concerns
  • 45% were simply browsing and had no intent to purchase

Episerver is a company that provides digital commerce, digital marketing and digital content management software solutions to its customers around the world.

Sources: MarketingProfs.com; Episerver.de