Email Personalization Tactics Preferred by Consumers

LiVECLiCKER and The Relevancy Group recently released research results based on two separate surveys involving email personalization tactics. One survey involved personalization preferences on the part of consumers; the other involved top tactics used by retail/ecommerce firms.

The top five aspects of email personalization the surveyed 478 consumers prefer are as follows:

  • Includes products relevant to the consumer (55%)
  • Recognizes consumer as a member/shows loyalty point balance (37%)
  • Includes products the consumer has viewed in the past (29%)
  • Includes products the consumer has saved or places on a wish list (29%)
  • Includes items the consumer can pick up at a local store (28%)

The consumers surveyed were not the biggest fans of emails personalized with their first names. Only 17% ranked it as a preference.

To read more about consumer preferences and to learn which tactics e-commerce firms are using to reach their consumer bases, visit the source links below.

Sources: LiVECLiCKER; MarketingProfs