Importance of Website and Ecommerce Capabilities for Small Businesses in Wake of COVID-19

Women Running Ecommerce Business

We are currently facing a serious health crisis that will have a critical impact on global supply chains, markets worldwide and businesses small and large for an indefinite amount of time. As we all hunker down and brace for the full impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), it becomes evident that as a small business, having a website that can handle and support online commerce has never been more important.

Why You Need An Ecommerce Website

With people practicing social distancing and avoiding stores for who knows how long, a business without a website will suffer far more than one that can continue to operate and sell its goods and services online. Below are just a few reasons why your business needs to be prepared for situations like this now and in the future with a website that has ecommerce capabilities.

Less Foot Traffic

Once people stock up on the necessary supplies, they’ll likely be headed out to physical stores less and turn to online options. Foot traffic will decrease, but online traffic should increase. To benefit, you’ll need a business website set up with the necessary capabilities.

24/7 Operation

COVID-19 or any other fast-spreading virus won’t just affect your consumers, it will also affect your staff. Having a good online presence and ecommerce site will give you the option to keep your business up and running even if you can’t staff your physical store during normal business hours.

Increased Visibility

With many companies offering the ability to work from home, media such as billboards, mass transit signage and radio ads won’t have the same amount of impressions as less people will be commuting to work on a daily basis. Having an online presence will give you the needed visibility that you’ll be missing out on from these forms of traditional media.


During a crisis such as the one caused by COVID-19 people are going to be even more skeptical of leaving their home. Having a website gives your business credibility as well as an opportunity for you to tell consumers why they should trust you with testimonials and facts to back up those claims. This is a great and safe way to communicate the steps you are taking to ensure employees and customers stay safe and healthy during this time.

Supply Chain

There’s no question that global supply chains will be affected as this virus spreads worldwide. If your business is locally sourced, you’ll have a leg up on the big box competition who relies on products and materials from overseas suppliers. But without an ecommerce website to sell your product, it won’t matter how much supply you have.

Maximizing Your Ecommerce Presence

Having a good website capable of handling and supporting online sales and ecommerce is important to your small business, especially under the current circumstances. COVID-19 isn’t the first crisis to keep people from leaving their homes, and it certainly won’t be the last. Prepare your business for the future by establishing a new ecommerce presence or improving upon an already existing one. It is one of the most impactful activities you can do to drive more sales for your business. At Legit Click Media, we believe that a proper foundation is the place to start. From suggesting a totally new ecommerce design or simply improving your current store, we will provide you with the best strategy for your current situation. To learn more, contact our Legit Click team online or call us at 414-465-2285 and request a free marketing analysis.