Digital Ad Revenues Set to Exceed $100 Billion for the First Time

The Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Internet Advertising Revenue report found that for the first time, digital ad revenues could exceed $100 billion. In the first half of 2018, digital ad revenue grew by 23.1% to $49.5 billion. According to IAB,

“Typically, first half revenue trends lower than second half. That we’ve seen 23% growth this year from January through June, while simultaneously witnessing the continued decline in ad spend on traditional media, indicates that the industry dollars are now aligning appropriately.”

The report also found that social media growth is still occurring, growing 38% from the first half of 2017. Video ads are taking a larger piece of the market share, accounting for 14% of all digital ad revenue. However, mobile accounted for the majority of video ad revenues at $4.2 billion, up to 60.5%.

Nielson states that traditional media will only grow by 3% in the first half of this year. This means that marketers should continue to increase their investments in social media and video for ad spend.

Source: Marketing Land