Consumers Prefer Entertaining Ads Over All Others, Says Sprout Social Report

Sprout Social, a company that offers social media management software, released a report showing which types of ads offer the greatest traction on social networks. According to the 1,000 consumers it surveyed, the most engaging social ads involved those that:

  • Entertain (preferred by 41% of respondents)
  • Offer a discount (37% of respondents)
  • Teach something (33%)
  • Reference an interest (26%)
  • Tell a story (20%)

Even knowing this, Sprout Social noted a significant drop in ad interest in users. Approximately 27% say their opinions of ads have declined over the year. Fifty-eight percent of users cite the fact of seeing too many ads overall as the reason for this decline.

To gain further insight into what makes social media ad content engaging, view Sprout Social’s full report.

Sources: Social Media Today; Sprout Social