Bing Improves Search Term Reporting in Ads

Bing announced new search terms management capabilities on Monday. According to Bing,

“Bing Ads has expanded search terms management capabilities to include shopping campaigns. You’ll now have more visibility and control over search terms than ever before in a single, convenient grid.”

The search-terms management offered through Bing allows advertisers to specify which keywords to track by analyzing how certain ads perform when triggered by search. Now, this ability is expanded to shopping campaigns. The search terms grid includes a new column for campaign type, which lists whether the campaign is search or shopping related.

Bing even went further, making the search terms grid even easier to find. You can locate these terms under All Campaigns in the Keywords tab. You can also now see search terms already added or negative keywords under the Added/Excluded column inside Bing Ads. According to Bing, more Ads updates are expected later this year.


Sources: Search Engine Journal, Bing