Advertisers Spending More Ad Dollars on Instagram & YouTube

New quarterly and year-over-year financial reports are out, and they’re showing massive moves by advertisers regarding where they are spending their paid social dollars now. Once the main go-to for social media advertising, Facebook has ceded first place in ad spend growth to Instagram and YouTube.

With data scandals seemingly constant with Facebook, advertisers have shifted their focus to more the more visual-focused platform. Specifically, Instagram’s ad spend jumped by more than 177% year over year, dwarfing Facebook’s 40% increase. Notable reported data also shows:

  • Costs per 1,000 impressions dropped by 10 percent
  • Impressions themselves jumped by 209 percent

YouTube also hit the spotlight in the ad spend category, showing a 189% increase year over year. A large portion of that spend focused specifically on mobile.

Source: Marketing Land