9 Tips for Marketing to Generation Z on Social Media

Four teens (generation z members) sitting looking at mobile devices

Marketing to young people—those born after 1992—represents a big challenge. As a group, these potential consumers have never lived in an era without the Internet and social media.

Known as Generation Z, this demographic is now entering the workforce and will soon have significant buying power. According to a January 10, 2018, article in Forbes magazine, this group is projected to be the largest group of consumers by the year 2020.

The Challenges of Marketing to Generation Z

This group is more resistant to the hard sell. They are more independent. And while they are seemingly born attached to mobile devices, they are more interested in protecting their privacy than most people. This group understands social media because they grew up with it. It’s important to remember this when developing social media campaigns targeted at this group.

9 Tactics for Reaching Gen Z on Social Media

Here are top tactics for you to keep in mind when marketing to Gen Z consumers:

  1. Don’t be creepy. Many consumers, especially those in the sophisticated Gen Z demographic, are resistant to ads that follow them around the Internet after researching a product, abandoning a shopping cart or even buying something—from another vendor. They will ignore you.
  2. Segment your marketing. Try creating copy and images specifically for your target group. If Gen Z consumers see themselves in your ads, they are more likely to like or buy your offerings.
  3. Develop urgency. Use “limited time only” offers. Because Gen Z spends so much time on social media, they are more likely to respond to this type of marketing.
  4. Go where the audience lives. Because Gen Z is more concerned about privacy, they are more likely to use services such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and These platforms allow users to engage with friends without leaving a trail.
  5. Branch out from text. Use photos and video with little text. Provide a narrative that is somehow related but still independent. For example, if you are marketing a hotel, create a video tour of the city. If you are marketing baked goods, film the bakers.
  6. Make everything mobile-friendly. At least 80% of social media access stems from via mobile devices. Minimal copy, simple but colorful images, and catchy but short headlines are the way to go.
  7. Use AR (augmented reality) when appropriate. If you are a fun, cutting-edge brand already, Gen Z folks will appreciate campaigns that push the envelope and highlight your ability and willingness to market to them on their own terms.
  8. Use social media influencers and celebrities. In this context, celebrities are not Hollywood actors. Rather, they are social media celebrities that the parents and grandparents of the Gen Z demographic may not know at all.
  9. Be interactive. Use polls and user-generated content. Run contests encouraging viewers to post their own videos and provide prizes. Branded hashtags encourage greater sharing.

Social Media Marketing Takes Time & Focused Effort

Whether you’re marketing to Gen Z on social media or any other demographic, doing it right means taking the time and making the focused effort to reach them on their own terms. If you want help with marketing to your ideal customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social media platform, contact our internet marketing specialists for help.