7 Strategies for Building a Social Media Following

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Having a strong presence on social media allows you to target your marketing, learn about customer likes and dislikes, and increase brand awareness. But there are many social media platforms competing for consumer attention. How can you ensure that attention turns toward your businesses? Here are seven strategies that can help.

7 Social Media Strategies to Capture Your Consumer’s Attention

  1. Don’t forget the basics: Have great original content, put social media share buttons on your blog posts, make sure your email subscribers know about your social media presence and make sure that your website has icons linking to your social media accounts. Go a step further and use a Facebook Like Box or Twitter Embedded Timeline on your site or blog.
  2. Be part of the conversation: Respond to user comments, including negative ones you would rather bury. Reach out to influencers in your field; share their content, comment on their blog posts, and tag them in your own posts. Find and follow others in your field and engage with their content. Become a guest blogger on other relevant blogs.
  3. Post often and well: Having lots of content is important. Having lots of great content that people want to share Is even better. Becoming a recognized authority increases the chances that others will share your content. Use only your best photos on Instagram and other platforms.
  4. Give consumers a reason to pay attention: Periodically offer freebies to people who like your posts. Provide special discounts to followers. If you have a brick-and-mortar presence, give in-store customers an incentive to visit your blog, your Facebook page and other social media platforms. Become a thought leader.
  5. Never pass up the chance to promote: Put links everywhere—in your ads, sale announcements, email signatures, catalogs, business cars, and anything else that you publish. Collaborate with another business in the same niche and promote their content while they promote yours. Cross-promote your social media accounts so that your Twitter followers know about your Facebook page and vice versa.
  6. Be consistent and predictable: If you don’t post regularly, the followers you already have will drift away and you will not see any net gain in the number of people engaging on your social media pages. Limit the number of platforms you use. Make sure your usernames and handles are consistent so people can find you.
  7. Use tools whenever possible: You don’t have to do all this manually. Tools are available to identify the most popular posts and photos so you know what your followers want to see and read. Other tools will connect all your platforms together in a few minutes, making cross-posting simple. Use plugins to encourage visitors to share tweetable content. These are just a few of the tool available to make your work easier.

Need Help Building a Social Media Following

Building a social media following can be a lot of work. Learning to use the various tools that can help can also eat up your valuable time.

Fortunately, a social media consultant can tailor a program to meet your needs and achieve your social media goals. Contact our marketing agency today to learn what our social media consultants can do for you.