Only 3% of Marketing Strategists Tailor SEO for Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming a norm thanks to artificial intelligence and smart home agents such as Siri. However, according to a recent report by QueryClick, only 3% of chief marketing officers are tailoring their SEO strategies to optimize for voice-enabled search.

QueryClick’s annual CMO Performance Report 2018 surveyed 150 CMOs from UK brands. The survey found that although only 3% are currently tailoring their strategies, 75% plan to do so. Almost half of those surveyed stated they would optimize within a year and 32% stated that changes could possibly take more than a year to implement.

According to Google, in a report given two years ago, 20% of queries sent via mobile were by voice. And now, a whopping 400 million devices have Google Assistant readily available. Voice search is growing rapidly and the percentages above are sure to increase over the next year.

To learn more about these stats, read the report here.

Sources: Search Engine Land