3 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy You’re Probably Forgetting

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Everyone who’s anyone with a business understands the importance of social media. After all, with 3.196 billion global social media users in 2018, a business simply doesn’t exist without some form of social. However, even the best content can’t perform as it truly could without a strategy. Is your social media strategy performing to the best of its ability? Or, are you missing something?

The 3 Elements of Your Strategy You’re Probably Forgetting

Have you put a social media plan in place? Have you been consistent in your content? If so, you’re well on your way towards social media success. However, there might be a few key elements that are missing in your strategy.

1.     The Customers Who Interact with Your Content

Above all, you should remember that your customers interact with your content after you post it. This means that great photography and words alone aren’t enough to build engagement. You need to understand what your target audience wants to see, what makes them tick and what inspires them.

The best way to do this is to create a target customer persona, ask your current following questions about the content you post and listen to social clues online.

2.     The Online Response

What happens after you receive a comment on your new social media post? Do you read it and move on? If so, you’re missing out. A true relationship building conversation can’t occur without a response on the other end. It’s your responsibility to respond to comments on your social media to build engagement.

You should respond to interactions both positive and negative. In fact, if a brand responds well to a customer complaint, 45% of consumers will post about it. Your response has the ability to grow your following, build trust and start new invaluable conversations online.

3.     The Experiment

If you only post the same kind of content each and every day, you risk your following becoming bored and stagnant in their engagement. Plus, you might be missing another type of content that generates a greater response. You should have content experimentation in your strategy.

You can try a wide range of content including videos, infographics, images and more to gauge what your audience loves most. Once you find something that clicks, add it to your content strategy calendar to boost engagement online.

No Social Media Strategy At All? Why You Need One

Do you post content for your business as the mood strikes? If so, you’re missing out on the engagement and conversion your business needs. A good social media strategy helps raise brand awareness, build out your following and generate that relationship-driven conversion you’re aiming for.

Over 70% of small businesses use social media. The only way to stand out from that 70% is to create a plan with measurable goals and action steps. Any kind of growth takes attention to make it happen. That’s where a social media strategy comes in for your brand.

Stay On Top of the Competition

Whether you’re new to the social media world or have been at it for years, social media changes rapidly. It’s important to stay up to date with changes, new content types and more to stay competitive. Do you have questions or concerns about your strategy? Send us a message!