10 Free Resources to Up Your Marketing Game

Marketing your business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are so many free resources and tools online to help you create a marketing strategy for your business. With so many available, we decided to round up our top 10 free marketing resources for you to take advantage of and start using.

These resources are free to use, but you have to dedicate the time to learn these tools to engage with them to create an incredible marketing strategy entirely. We organized our 10 top resources into these four categories.

Free Resource Categories;

  1. Analytics
  2. SEO
  3. Content & Design
  4. Education

Powerful Analytics

These two tools provide in-depth analytics for you to review. Using these free metric tools help you review your current marketing strategy and make changes based on the information.

Google Analytics – Google’s free analytics tool offers incredibly detailed data and insights. You can learn how your website is performing through information like top viewed pages, audience metrics, and conversions.

Facebook Insights – All social media channels have insights for you to review. Facebook Insights are especially important to review and understand who your audience is and how they are engaging with your social content.

SEO Tracking

MOZ – This popular tool provides data on your website’s overall SEO performance. You can even compare your competitor’s information to your own to see how you match up!

Screaming Frog – There is a free version you can use to find the SEO gaps on your website. Find where you need to add those Key SEO Tags and where you can improve on your current ones.

Content Ideas and Easy Design Tools

Answer the Public – Stumped for a great content idea that’s relevant to your business? This website allows up to 5 free searches a day. You can search for a term in your industry to find what users are searching for on Google and Bing.

Canva – This free online design tool is so easy to use! With templates, free images, and graphics, you can create images for your business in a snap without any design experience.

Marketing Education and Learning

YouTube – You can search for almost any marketing topic and find expert help on YouTube!

Podcasts – The podcast world has exploded with incredibly valuable content from experts across the globe. Perform a search for a marketing topic you want more information on, and you’ll find an episode to help.

MarketingProfs – Since 2000, MarketingProfs provides marketing know-how through its courses, learning paths, newsletters, online events, and live events.

Small Business Association – The SBA Learning Center has many free online marketing courses for entrepreneurs to learn important marketing topics.

When to Hire Marketing Support

Hopefully, you feel motivated and ready to tackle your marketing goals with these ten free resources. However, if creating and executing your business marketing strategy is something that keeps falling off the to-do list don’t beat yourself up! Outsource your marketing to the right team. Send us a message to see if that’s is us.