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Do you have a technology, service or community need? Or are you looking for employment opportunities with us? We’d love to hear from you!

We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for the people, services and technology supporting us. For this reason, we welcome any and all opportunities to help you succeed. We believe strongly in developing long lasting partnerships and using what both parties do best with a goal of making your life and your day-to-day business activities a little easier and more effective. Please contact us at 414-465-2285 to learn more about the following partnership opportunities.


Running a full digital and traditional marketing agency requires a multitude of unique technologies and processes to make the pieces fit together. As such, we are always on the lookout for any software, program, platform or service that will help us manage and provide improved services for our clients.  These could include any combination with a particular focus on the following services: PPC, display, social, email, analytics/attribution, mobile, cross device tracking, and general reporting tools.

If you have a technology that you think might be a good fit for us, please email or call 414-465-2285.

Jobs & Career Development

We are not currently offering any full or part-time employment opportunities. Please check back regularly for updates. In addition to offering full or part-time employment opportunities, we may occasionally offer internship opportunities.

Internship Opportunities
We are currently looking for two interns who have backgrounds in graphic design and front-end development. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us directly at We will be happy to share more information about these exciting opportunities.

Outsourced Contract & Freelance Support

Support in this area is offered two-fold. First, if you are a freelancer or small business offering only a select suite of services and need additional support in an area that is not your focus or expertise, we can help. We partner with a variety of freelancers and small business, offering just one or a small set of our services. We can be completely transparent to your clients or we will work as an extension of your team as a white-labeled resource.

Second, there are times where our internal resources are such that we may need to seek additional support from third-party vendors to help complete project work. In such cases, we will provide complete transparency to our clients in any event that we must outsource their work to a party outside Legit Click Media, LLC.

We are not seeking additional support at this time.

Community & Pro-Bono Support

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to help support our local and national communities. This is usually in the form of monetary donations to certain charities in exchange for exposure on their internet properties.

We are also looking for sponsorship opportunities. If you are in need of a sponsor, please contact us. We want to help.

Under some circumstances, we may choose to provide our services free of charge or at reduced rates. Legit Click Media, LLC, holds the sole right to provide any discounts at its discretion. Please reach out to if you have a person or business in mind that may need our support.

Referrals & Incentives

We believe the best form of generating new customers is through word-of-mouth referrals. As such, we strive to provide the best service to each and every client with which we work. We want them to spread the word about Legit Click Media and the services we provide. In return, we help spread the word about you and your business to the clients we work with and the people we meet along our journey.

Your referrals don’t go unnoticed by us. If you bring clients to us and they sign with our agency, we will provide discounts to you! Please contact us for more information about this opportunity. Also please contact us if you have referred clients to us without receiving a reduced rate or acknowledgment.

Request Your Free Marketing Analysis

Taking the next step, changing vendors, or just starting to expand your marketing activities can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Who can you trust? What should my budget be? These are among the most common questions that we see people asking when looking to make a change. Let us alleviate your concerns and help get you started—at no cost to you!.

We will conduct an introductory meeting with you to get to know you and review your current marketing efforts. From those meetings, we will prepare an analysis that helps identify your strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities that lie ahead with a vendor of your choosing. If you choose to work with us, great! In the end, we want you to be successful and find a partner who can help you today as well as several years down the road.  Learn more…

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