Multivariate Testing

Testing & Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Efforts

You have a website. You’re running paid advertising. You’re getting results. So why change a strategy that’s working?  Because we think it can be better!  Whether you are currently testing your landing pages or haven’t even given it a second thought, we can help you. We offer a variety of multivariate and A/B testing services with a goal of improving your conversion rates while driving more sales or leads.

At Legit Click Media, our services extend to the development, measurement, reporting, and optimization of key messages, unique website pages (landing pages, homepages, key internal pages), and email communications. It is our goal to identify winning combinations of messages, designs, price points and promotions that you can use across all marketing channels. To discuss how we can achieve this goal for your business, call our Greater Milwaukee marketing agency today at 414-465-2285 or contact our specialists online.

A-B Testing Milwaukee

Web-Related Testing

Before we get too deep in the process, we conduct a thorough review of your online properties. We also discuss your needs and what you are ideally looking to achieve through testing. As part of the review, we identify the degree to which you’ve tested in the past and whether you are currently employing any testing tools. If no tools are present, we will give you a couple options from which to choose. These are usually free or come at a nominal charge.

Once we know your objectives and have a firm understanding of your properties and capabilities, we will create a testing plan that identifies the order of operations, the expected result, and any creative that will be used in the test. Typical pages that are tested include landing pages for paid advertising, home pages, and key pages throughout your ecommerce checkout process. We launch the test and reporting begins almost immediately. Often times, we setup the reports in an interface that you can login to whenever you’d like.

E-Mail Marketing Testing

Email-Related Testing

Similar to our website testing practices, we identify your goals for testing, get a better idea of what has been done in this area in the past, and determine how well previous efforts worked. We will then help you identify a testing solution if one is not already in use. Oftentimes we find your existing platform has the required functionality.

Examples of the typical components we test in email marketing campaigns include:

  • Time of day: When in the day is it best to send an email
  • Subject line testing: Which subject line results in the most opens
  • Call to action testing (CTA): Which CTA drives the most traffic
  • Creative testing: Which creative generally outperforms the other
  • Promotional comparison: Which promotion drives the most sales
E-Mail Marketing Testing

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