Customizable, Real-Time Reporting Dashboards Using Google Data Studio

Overwhelmed with data? Tired of creating tedious manual reports each month? Struggling to understand how your website and digital platforms are performing?

Reporting on your digital marketing tactics doesn’t need to be difficult. Work smarter – not harder – and significantly reduce the time you spend building and sharing reports with our real-time reporting dashboard solutions, built using Google Data Studio.

We will build an automated reporting dashboard that is personalized to fit your goals, allowing you to save time and easily monitor the metrics that are most important to your business. These reports can be used as an analysis tool or shared with a C level audience.

This easy-to-understand report powered by Google Data Studio will make it easier for you to understand how your marketing investment translates into real results for your business and/or clients.

The benefits of a Legit Click Media reporting dashboard:

  • Real-time, automated data
  • Efficient, interactive reporting capabilities
  • View multiple platforms within a single dashboard
  • No logging into separate accounts
  • Easily share data with your team and other stakeholders
  • White label design opportunities
  • Powered by Google Data Studio
  • Introductory offer – one-time setup fee, with no recurring monthly payments

Real-Time, Automated Data

Pulling data by hand can be extremely time consuming, leaving you with less time for analysis and implementation. All data in our reporting dashboards is automatically updated in real-time to show the most recent performance metrics available, eliminating manual data pulls.

You can view up-to-date metrics at any time within an interactive online format or have PDF reports automatically delivered to your email inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Efficient & Interactive Reporting

Consolidating data from multiple platforms to build weekly or monthly reports by hand is a lot of work and can be prone to errors. Finally, you can spend less time pulling tedious numbers and more time analyzing your key business opportunities. Our reporting dashboard consolidate all of your key metrics within a single, automated report.

All of our dashboards are fully interactive and customizable. Update date ranges, sort data columns, and gather more detailed data points in real time.

View Multiple Platforms in One Dashboard

You’re investing a lot into your digital presence – including continual website optimizations, organic and paid search investments, email marketing tactics, and multiple social media platforms. It can be challenging and overwhelming to try to understand how each of these tactics drives toward your overall business goals.

Our reporting dashboards combine data from all of these platforms, allowing you to see all of your marketing data in one easy-to-understand, cross-platform report.

Available reporting integrations include:

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Ads

Google My Business

YouTube Analytics

Amazon Ads










Bing Ads

Yahoo Gemini

And Much More!

Easily Share Data with Your Team

Transparent team collaboration is key for any business. Our reporting dashboards allow you to seamlessly share data across teams in real time, as well as share key metrics with internal and external stakeholders.

The full dashboard can be exported into a comprehensive and up-to-date PDF report at any time, or provided to team members via a simple, shareable link.

White Label Dashboards Available

We know how important your brand is to you. That’s why we give you the option to create a completely personalized dashboard using your brand’s logo and colors. This white label dashboard makes it even easier to share reporting metrics without the need for any additional formatting adjustments.

Powered by Google Data Studio

Our reporting dashboards are built within the Google Data Studio platform. This allows you to fully own the dashboard and all corresponding data, giving you the capability for further updates and customizations as needed.


Starting at $250 per setup*

  • Up to three connection sources, including:
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Search Console
      • Google My Business, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Insights, or Facebook Ads
  • Fully personalized reporting dashboard, customized to focus on your primary business goals & KPIs.
  • No monthly fee for basic setup. You own the report forever.

*Additional platform integrations (beyond 3) & white label report design available for an additional fee.