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Display advertising can be your most powerful sales channel, when done right. When approached incorrectly, however, display advertising can be costly and deliver only nominal results. This area has come a long way in recent years. The advent of attribution modeling has put pressure on display networks to fine-tune their inventory and optimization processes, making it more relevant and cost-effective for advertisers.

One of the more common forms of display advertising is retargeting, which often sees some of the higher returns on ad spend compared to other forms of display advertising. The reason for this is simple: It only targets people who have visited your website. You can also specifically target users more aggressively or less aggressively depending on where they go and how they interact with your site. For instance, users who abandon your shopping cart may be targeted more aggressively than users who only went to your homepage. Other common forms of display advertising that you may come across as you browse the web include behavioral, contextual, keyword, mobile, video and social ads. Each type generally has its own purpose from a brand awareness strategy to a pure acquisition strategy.

Our team of marketing specialists at Legit Click Media will work closely with you to identify which type of display advertising is a good fit for you and your business needs. To learn more, call our Greater Milwaukee agency at 414-465-2285 or send our team an email.

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Tailoring Display Ad Services to Your Unique Goals

We start our services by identifying whether you have done any form of display advertising in the past. If you have, we learn as much about those efforts as possible, including the networks you used, the creative that was in market, how you pixeled your pages and what results you achieved. With this information in hand, we begin to develop a tailored plan, which may include:

  • Budget identification: How to allocate this channel based on your entire advertising budget
  • Form identification: Narrow the field to one of the several approaches such as retargeting, keyword or behavioral
  • ROI identification: What to expect as the return on your media investment from an attributed and demand perspective
  • Network identification: Review various networks to determine which one is a good match for your product/service and overall budget
  • Pixel placement: Gather necessary pixels and place them on your web pages
  • Sales matching: Match your sales data with the network’s to ensure little to no deviation in total product sales
  • Creative development: Determine the appropriate messaging and design banners for you
  • Analysis and reporting: Analyze and provide ongoing reports delineating performance
  • Optimization: Identify opportunities to improve performance, such as fine tuning ad placement and refining strategies based on visitor behavior on your site

Measuring, Reporting & Analyzing Results

Interpreting display advertising results can be confusing or simply done incorrectly. We work closely with you to explain our process and put you on a path to better enable you to analyze and measure you display advertising results. We typically present results using at least two forms of measurement:

  • Demand data: Demand data will assign 100% of the conversion credit (click-through, view-through or interaction) to the display banner’s source.
  • Attributed data: Attributed data will assign a proportional amount of the credit based on all the touchpoints the consumer had in the path to purchase. The credit will typically be assigned in the form of a percentage and usually will be provided in conjunction with other advertising sources.
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