Customizing Development Options To Meet Your Website Goals

If you are like most businesses, you have a website. But is it truly working for you? Does it convey who you really are and exemplify the products and services you provide?  If you answered “no” or are unsure to any of these questions, it is possible your site is in need of attention.

But before you move your site straight into a redesign, our Legit Click Media website development team can try to do one of two things: work with your existing site to see if it can be revamped and/or test a new design by simply trying one or just a couple new pages. We rely on our analytics and multi-variate testing tools to help in our analysis to determine the ideal route to take. If a new site is the direction you choose, then we will work with you to determine what kind of website best suits your needs.

We offer a variety of solutions based on your needs, from full custom websites to simple, templated designs. Also, before you begin any other marketing programs, we take a thorough look through your website to see if it is a hindrance to your success. If so, we may suggest an alternate plan, which may or may not include a new site design.

We see no point in spending thousands on advertising if your web property cannot convert. Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of payment options, including monthly service fees, which includes develop time to complete your site. Reach out to us via email or call our Greater Milwaukee marketing agency at 414-465-2285 to learn more about our design and development services.

Website Development Milwaukee

Full Custom Solutions & Advanced Integrations

Finding the right partner to help develop your website is vital in determining the success of your web project, especially if it is larger in scale and requires complex integrations. Missteps along the way or unidentified requirements in the sales process can change scope quickly and cost you more money than initially budgeted.

We work to avoid this from the beginning by taking the time necessary to ascertain both your business objectives and technical needs. We lay out the costs of each component and provide alternative solutions where needed to help you stay within budget.

Here are examples of the more complex components and characteristics of the websites we develop:

  • Custom design: Designs that are unique to your business
  • Custom development: Custom code that is unique and not shared across other sites
  • Custom + optimized content: Content that is written for your business and your audience, while also being search engine friendly
  • CMS integration: Lets you take control so you can create and edit pages yourself
  • Ecommerce integration: Enables checkout functionality and payment processing on your website
  • Mobile optimization: Unique designs for mobile and tablet devices
  • Analytics configuration: Analytics is integrated to enable full tracking and reporting of ecommerce data and standard web metrics
  • Web hosting: We can work with your existing web hosting provider or suggest alternatives for you

Semi-Custom Solutions & Lightweight Integrations

Not all websites are created equal. Nor do they require all the whistles and bells.

In cases like these, or when our customers want to do more of the heavy lifting, we often will suggest a slightly less custom solution. This approach will save on project costs and allow for quicker delivery. Here are several of the common characteristics or components of sites of this nature:

  • Fewer pages: Website contains no more than 10-15 pages
  • Templated designs: Design options are limited to what exists in a template library
  • Customer-provided content: Content comes from you instead of a professional web copywriter
  • Light analytics integration: Analytics code enables tracking, but no reports or Ecommerce are setup and configured
  • Lower costs: Less development, graphic design and integrations require less overhead to complete the project, thereby saving your business on total expenses

Request Your Free Marketing Analysis

Taking the next step, changing vendors, or just starting to expand your marketing activities can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Who can you trust? What should my budget be? These are among the most common questions that we see people asking when looking to make a change. Let us alleviate your concerns and help get you started—at no cost to you!.

We will conduct an introductory meeting with you to get to know you and review your current marketing efforts. From those meetings, we will prepare an analysis that helps identify your strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities that lie ahead with a vendor of your choosing. If you choose to work with us, great! In the end, we want you to be successful and find a partner who can help you today as well as several years down the road.  Learn more…

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