Building Effective Affiliate Advertising Programs

Affiliate advertising remains an effective channel for ecommerce businesses today. Affiliate networks continue to drive millions of visitors each month and merchants are continuing to come up with effective ways to convert these visitors.

Running an affiliate program can add to your bottom line. Perhaps more importantly, the costs of running an affiliate program are usually quite predictable. You typically incur costs when the affiliate sells your product in the form of a commission fee. The fee is generally set at a predefined percentage allowing you to work closely against your cost per acquisition targets.

Developing and fostering relationships with affiliates and running an affiliate program can be time consuming, especially if you are new to this space. Moreover, affiliate advertising can become costly and ineffective when undermanaged or when errors occur. With Legit Click Media, you’ll be working with a partner that has done this before and has an established presence in the industry. Learn more by emailing our Greater Milwaukee agency or by calling us at 414-465-2285.

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Establishing Your Brand & Building Trust

When we first start out working with you in this space we get to know your business, your product catalog, promotions you’re running or have run in the past, as well as the success or failure of your past campaigns. Having as much information as possible about your business will help us as we work to establish your brand and build trust with various affiliate networks.

To communicate on your behalf, we must have a firm grasp of the various products you sell and their associated conversions rates. Once we have this information, we can negotiate commission fees and begin the process of creating an affiliate program.

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What You Can Expect

While we are establishing an affiliate partner for you and agreeing to terms on commission fees, we are also conducting a variety tasks to ensure a successful program. These tasks include:

  • Conducting competitive intelligence: Where are your competitors advertising; what promotions are they running; what positioning do they have; what are their key messages
  • Creative auditing: Identifying what creative you have and what you need to be successful; we can create all necessary creative as needed
  • Identifying channel growth opportunities: Are affiliates pushing product via paid search channels
  • Building out program: Developing product feeds, setting up links, placing pixels, identifying the best price points, and integrating attribution and analytics technology where applicable

As your program runs, we will work to identify which affiliate websites are starting to drive the most conversions. From there, we can begin the optimization process to further improve performance.

Affiliate Management Milwaukee

Request Your Free Marketing Analysis

Taking the next step, changing vendors, or just starting to expand your marketing activities can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Who can you trust? What should my budget be? These are among the most common questions that we see people asking when looking to make a change. Let us alleviate your concerns and help get you started—at no cost to you!.

We will conduct an introductory meeting with you to get to know you and review your current marketing efforts. From those meetings, we will prepare an analysis that helps identify your strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities that lie ahead with a vendor of your choosing. If you choose to work with us, great! In the end, we want you to be successful and find a partner who can help you today as well as several years down the road.  Learn more…

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