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Twitter Publishers Can Now Monetize Videos Globally

As most publishers know, on Twitter they could only display ads in their videos to individuals in their home countries. Thanks to the latest Twitter update, however, publishers will be able to monetize their video content globally, taking their message farther than...

Google Debuts Shoppable Image Ads Ahead of the Holidays

For advertisers on Google, attracting new customers just become even easier than before. This week, Google announced two new ad formats for retail and brand advertisers ahead of the holiday season. These formats will deliver unique shopping experiences on third-party...

Twitter Tests New Reply Layout to Increase Engagement

Twitter is now experimenting with a new set of variations for tweet interactions and they are asking for feedback on their new mock-ups. The mock-ups are just that: mock-ups preparing for finalization. Twitter is testing a couple different options right now. Through...

Facebook Ad Pixel Added to Facebook Group Insights

Facebook places emphasis on community-driven experience. Because of this, Facebook is trying hard to build out its Groups platform to try and convince businesses and advertisers that it’s worth their time. They launched their Group Insights module in June of last year...

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